Fonte Aqua PK Company
Fonte Aqua PK is one of the few enterprises in Russia, manufacturers of water and soft drinks fully built on a Western European technical project implemented by Pernod Ricard — CFPO (France). The Company manufactures and markets a wide range of water and soft drinks. Our mission: bring joy and new sensations by creating tasty and fresh quality drinks.
International quality standards, unique manufacturing technologies of pasteurization, automation of filling process and sanitary treatment of equipment, finished goods quality control, unique purity of natural water source guarantee the highest quality and give us a clear competitive advantage in the domestic market of soft drinks and mineral waters.
We care about consumers and constantly improve the quality of our products, develop new tastes and unique products. We co-operate only with responsible and qualified suppliers of packaging and ingredients so that we can guarantee high quality and excellent taste of our drinks.
Quality and Safety
Wide range of soft drinks
Export to CIS countries and Europe
Our water comes from natural sources up to 150 deep
Strong international manufacturing standards
The newest technologies of soft drinks bottling
Responsibility and sustainability
Geo Footprint
“Fonte Aqua PK” manufacturing site is located in Dedenevo settlement, 12 km south of the town of Dmitrov near the Volgusha and Iksha rivers, on the banks of Moscow canal. This area has been known since 1504. The settlement used to belong to a noble family of the Golovins as of 18th century. In 1852 Gavriil P. Golovin and his mother Anna Gavrilovna applied for the establishment of a Convent in their manor and moved their house a mile southwards. An outbuilding and park are preserved till our days. Thanks to the members of the Golovin family a Spaso-Vlakhernsky monastery was founded in Dedenevo. In 1922 the Monastery was officially closed by the Soviet government. It was only in 2001 that the Monastery was re-opened by the decision of His Holiness the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia. Picturesque spurs of the Klin-Dmitrov mountain range to the west of the settlement make home for a popular winter sports resort.
Fonte Aqua PK products are available in 14 countries: USA, China, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Belarus and many others. Foreign consumers highly evaluate the quality and authenticity of our drinks.